Fine Electric Guitars


The T-STEEL model is our standard T-Style guitar. This type of guitar gives perfect sound for styles such as country, R ‘n’ R and classic American rock.

The main body, which is made of alder or swamp ash from either one or two pieces, is extremely resonant. It is for this reason we have personally selected it. The finish is a thin layer of aged nitrocellulose. This does not alter its resonance or the dynamics of the instrument. In the ageing process, we give the nitrocellulose a crackle effect to obtain greaterresonance and vibration from the wood. Furthermore, it gives the guitar a more “vintage” appearance.

One of our hallmarks is the magnetic steel pickguard which also gives the guitar a high degree of sustain without altering its dynamics.

The neck is made from one or two pieces of hard rock maple and the fretboard is made of Indian rosewood. The finish is a fine layer of sealer coating which gives the naked wood a soft and natural feel while protecting the neck from changes in temperature and humidity. The neck profile is a “Chunky C” which increases the tone and sustain of the guitar.

The fret-wires are made of stainless steel, thus giving more durability to the frets. They are inserted over a 10 inch radius fretboard.
The hardware is all “vintage” style and is made up of a Kluson bridge with three brass saddles and Kluson machine-heads which provide the instrument with a high degree of reliability when tuning. We use handwinding pick-ups which are made in Spain by B&B Pickups with the best materials. There are several choices of pick-ups such as H-H, S-S and H-S. The guitar’s electronics are made from the best high quality components: CTS potentiometers, CRL switch, Switchcraft Jack and waxed cotton covered wires. Moreover, the guitar is carefully shielded to obtain a low-noise instrument, both in the studio and on stage.

Each body and each neck is carefully matched resulting in a balanced instrument with its own tone and identity. We want you to experience something unique when playing our instruments. Our guitars are sold with a hard case and a high quality “Righton” strap.